Camp Guardian Camper Info

Children and adults, ages eight and beyond, with physical and/or intellectual disabilities are eligible to attend Camp Guardian.  During camper selection, medical history and behavioral factors are carefully considered. Camper applicants who are affiliated with a current or retired Missouri National Guardsperson (e.g., family member, relative, close friend), from economically disadvantaged households and first-time applicants are given special consideration in the selection process.

A thoroughly and accurately completed Camper Application must be provided for every Camp Guardian camper candidate. (To access required forms, please click-on the below link). If you have any questions, feel free to click-on the "About Us" button, or click-on the "Contact" button to submit your inquiry. In addition, click-on the "Media" button to check-out videos and photos from previous camps. 

Please Note: Sadly, each year, we receive more camper applications than we can accommodate. For organizations submitting multiple camper applications - we may not be able to accept all of your clients. Please let us know in advance if this will be an issue (provide statement on/with the camper application).

2017 Camper Application Package (click-on below image):


For Camper Application Packages to be Eligible for Consideration:

  1. the Camper Application must be completely filled-out, accurate in-content & signed where required; PLUS

  2. all requested documents must be provided:  current physical exam, proof of insurance, & behavior plan (as applicable); PLUS

  3. a recent photo of the camper applicant must be included; AND

  4. the HIPAA Form must also be completed & signed.

Thanks very much for your cooperation!


2017 Camp Guardian:

The 2017 Camp Guardian camp session will be held June 12th-16th at Babler Outdoor Education Center (OEC), within Babler State Park, near Wildwood, MO. The following link provides useful info on the Babler OEC facility:


What To Bring:

- Bedding: Sleeping bag (or twin sheets & blanket) + pillow

- Towels and washcloths (recommend at least two of each)

- Beach towel

- Sleepwear

- Small laundry bag

- Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, shaving supplies, hairbrush, comb, etc).

- Medications and medical equipment/supplies (Please ensure all medications are in original, pharmacy-labeled containers).  

- T-Shirts, shirts & blouses (comfortable, loose-fitting & modest)

- Jeans & shorts

- Swim-suits/swimming trunks (recommend at least two pairs)

- Undearwear & socks (at least five pairs of each)

- Comfortable athletic shoes &/or sandals & shower shoes 

- Rain jacket or poncho + small umbrella (optional)

- Light jacket, sweatshirt, sweatpants

- Any camper-specific, caregiving equipment/items (e.g., wheelchair, walker, braces, diapers, pull-ups, Thick-et)

Optional Items:

- Costumes and clothing for nightly dances

- Hat & sunglasses

- Camera

- Flashlight

- Sunscreen & lip balm

- Water bottle

- Small cooling fan


What NOT To Bring:

Expensive jewelry; large sums of money; snacks, soda or candy, immodest clothing; t-shirts with inappropriate wording or slogans