2017 Camp Guardian Camp Page

Camp Director : Azsure Alderson, (816) 985-7376

Asst Director : Kim Higdon, (816) 752-6344


E-mail applications to: [email protected]

or Print & mail applications to: Azsure Alderson 1233 SE 12th St, Lees Summit, MO 64081

2017 Camp location at Babler State Park, near Chesterfield, MO.

Directions to camp

Click the image below for the Camper Application:

For Camper Application Packages to be Eligible for Consideration:

1. the Camper Application must be completely filled-out, accurate in-content & signed where required; PLUS

2. all requested documents must be provided:  current physical exam, proof of insurance, & behavior plan (as applicable); PLUS

3. a recent photo of the camper applicant must be included; AND

4. the HIPAA Form must also be completed & signed.

Children and adults, ages eight and beyond, with physical and/or intellectual disabilities are eligible to attend Camp Guardian.  During camper selection, medical history and behavioral factors are carefully considered. Camper applicants who are affiliated with a current or retired Missouri National Guardsperson (e.g., family member, relative, close friend), from economically disadvantaged households and first-time applicants are given special consideration in the selection process. A thoroughly and accurately completed Camper Application must be provided for every Camp Guardian camper candidate.  If you have any questions, please contact the Camp Director listed on the application.

What To Bring:

- Bedding: Sleeping bag (or twin sheets & blanket) + pillow

- Towels and washcloths (recommend at least two of each)

- Beach towel

- Sleepwear

- Small laundry bag

- Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, shaving supplies, hairbrush, comb, etc).

- Medications and medical equipment/supplies (Please ensure all medications are in original, pharmacy-labeled containers). 

- T-Shirts, shirts & blouses (comfortable, loose-fitting & modest)

- Jeans & shorts

- Swim-suits/swimming trunks (recommend at least two pairs)

- Undearwear & socks (at least five pairs of each)

- Comfortable athletic shoes &/or sandals & shower shoes

- Rain jacket or poncho + small umbrella (optional)

- Light jacket, sweatshirt, sweatpants

- Any camper-specific, caregiving equipment/items (e.g., wheelchair, walker, braces, diapers, pull-ups, Thick-et)

Optional Items:

- Costumes and clothing for nightly dances

- Hat & sunglasses

- Camera

- Flashlight

- Sunscreen & lip balm

- Water bottle

- Small cooling fan

What NOT To Bring:

Expensive jewelry; large sums of money; snacks, soda or candy, immodest clothing; t-shirts with inappropriate wording or slogans


Click the image below for the Volunteer Application: