Board Of Directors


SMSgt Dennis Howe, MOANG (Retired)


TSgt Michael Morris, MOANG



CMSgt Brian Brenton, MOANG

Vice President, Long-Range Planning & Capital Improvements


MSgt Charlie Paxton, MOANG (Retired)

Vice President, Fundraising & Public Relations


MSgt Greg Alderson, MOANG

Vice President, Personnel


SSgt Brandon Long, MOANG

Vice President, Operations


Mr. Rick Nichols, Pres., River Region Credit Union

Vice President, Finance


LTC Tony Bamvakais, USARNG (Ret.)

The Adjutant General of Missouri (TAGMO) Executive Liaison *



General Members:


Cpt Robert Lovelady, MOANG


Ms. Julie Brenton


Ms. Kimberly Higdon


MSgt Donald Howe, MOANG (Ret.) & Special Needs Parent


Ms. Katie Lyle, Special Needs Sibling


Ms. Wanda Hrenchir, Special Needs Parent


TSgt Amber Hengehold, ILANG


TSgt Brandon Paxton, MOANG


SSgt Aaron Birkett, MOANG


MSgt Gary Todd, MOANG (Ret.)


Honorary Members:


Maj Tracy Birkett, MOANG *


MSgt Fernando Martins, MOANG & Special Needs Parent *


LTC Mike Gunther, USARNG (Ret.) & Special Needs Parent *

SMSgt Runi Hertz, USANG (Ret.) & Special Needs Parent *

MSgt Michele Hodges, MOANG (Ret.) *

Ms. Connie Howe *

SMSgt Jerry Hrenchir, MOANG (Ret.) & Special Needs Parent *


Ms. Lois Jaegers, RN *


Mr. Tanner Hrenchir *


CW04 Wilburn Rowdan, USARNG, (Ret.) *


* non-voting position